The issue faced by this client was that while they generated leads, they had difficulty moving those raw leads from initial interest through the qualification process, into sales hands and ultimately closing deals. They also struggled with thought leadership content that attracted the target audience and kept them engage from one marketing campaign to the next.


After reviewing their situation, we could see that while they had plenty of product literature, however the bulk of this content was product focused.  There was little if any content that helped prospective customers understand how the client was innovating technology and bringing new approaches to market.  They needed to change their approach from product-focused marketing to thought leadership and solution based marketing.



We developed a extensive content library by brainstorming with their product and engineering teams to understand their unique competitive advantage.  By taking time to interview key subject matter experts (SMEs), DbD was able to develop compelling campaigns that were filled with interesting content.  This content took many forms including blog posts, top 10 lists, white papers, webinar decks, infographics and videos.  


With a sufficiently deep content library in place, marketing was able to create sophisticated nurture streams that took raw names and over time developed them to MQL status. In addition, getting good feedback from the SDR effort and was able to improve their lead generation effort resulting an a 40% improvement in the MQL to SQL conversion rate.