Ustream was a live video streaming solution company based in San Francisco, CA and serving a global customer base.  

The Challenge

The Ustream sales organization was in disarray.  Activity wasn’t being tracked and the forecast was totally inaccurate.  Morale was low and the dead wood was dragging down the whole team.

Engagement and Execution

DbD was brought in to assess the team, organization, process and productivity.  After a short engagement, Ustream executive management requested that DbD take over direct responsibility for sales management. DbD immediately implemented new process to track activity and to accurately assess the accuracy and quality of the forecast.  DbD implemented effective weekly cadence calls with the sales team and thoroughly inspected the activity and results of all team members.  Ineffective sales members were managed out and new reps were hired and trained.  

The Result

DbD helped transform the team from a low-energy, stagnant group to a high-performance team that grew sales by 60% within the first 12 months.  Ultimately Ustream grew the business to the point where the company was acquired by IBM in January of 2017.